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2461 10 30 days eom - yes Payment received: on time (appx. GBP 800). (Will work for again: Of course) The client cancelled a big job halfway through, and wanted immediate delivery of everything done so far and nothing more to be translated. They also made noises about refusing to pay the balance of what would have been the (notional) final bill (this was from a paper document, so even the exact source count was unknown). As far I am aware, they never did pay the balance. Nevertheless, having submitted an invoice for the work done so far, which the agency settled quite quickly, I was asked to submit another one for what I regarded as the likely extrapolated target count, and the agency paid it without any difficulty. 2/5/2008
2460 10 2 weeks after receipt of invoice - No, received on October 12, 2006 Payment received: YES ($275). (Will work for again: No) I had to repeatedly request every invoice that I received. Regarding my final invoice, I ended up having to contact the department head (no response) and two or three accounts receivable managers in the main office of the hospital before getting any cooperation. 8/18/2005

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