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2459 10 30 days - Yes. Payment received: No. No Payment received without a reminder. Last invoice dated July 2004 was paid in January 2005 (very small amounts, about 200 euro in total (see below).). (Will work for again: No.) Please note that my comments refer only to the Irish branch of Ubiqus. I did some freelance transcription work for them in late 2003 while on a career break. I stopped working for them quite quickly because the rates of pay were so poor - it actually worked out at something like EUR3/hour (yes, three euro an hour). Admittedly, I was new to transcription and therefore very slow - I was told that as I got faster, the better I would earn - but even at triple or quadruple that rate, the pay would still have been abysmal. On the plus side, my contact person in the company was quite pleasant and always answered queries promptly. And of course, the London branch may be different in terms of Payment. I would just say, approach with care. 12/23/2006

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