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work home translation jobs

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2452 10 no POs, but in practice they pay in 60 days - yes Payment received: Right on time (few hundred EUR). (Will work for again: Still do) 10/29/2011
2451 10 net 30, I believe - YES Payment received: Yes, 3 weeks EARLIER than specified (in total a little under $1500). (Will work for again: Yes. I just delivered a job to them yesterday. ) David is professional and friendly, as is Kathy, who joined in late 2004. A reliable agency and always pleasant to work with. I'm not sure if Isabelle is with them now but she is/was also great to work with. 8/17/2011
2450 10 30 days - yes, often early Payment received: the first Payment was 40 days late, the second on time. (a few thousand US over the years). (Will work for again: absolutely) David and Isabelle are professional, helpful, and friendly. A great agency. 12/8/2006

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