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2440 10 40-45 days - [See below] Payment received: yes (Several hundred dollars over 2 years). (Will work for again: I work for them regularly and will be very glad continue to do so ) In 2 years they have been late only once this last December, due to an administrative glitch, but were very responsive and paid immediately after our inquiry. I have worked with both Nurcan and Abi. Their projects are varied and they are very good people to work with. 12/11/2008
2439 10 Net 45 days - Yes Payment received: No, it is already four weeks late ($450). (Will work for again: Yes) They are professional people and have good Payment practices 9/16/2011
2438 10 My terms were 30 days (theirs are different) - Yes, except once (See comments below) Payment received: YES, on time (More than L5,000 in total). (Will work for again: Yes) For the first invoice, I contacted them about two weeks after the 30 days after the date of invoice because I had not worked for them before and there was a lot of money involved. They told me their Payment terms were different from mine and that in France it is usual to have longer Payment terms (I am not sure, but it could be 60 days from date of Payment). However, because my Payment terms had been accepted by them they would pay according to these, which they did without failing. So, my advice is to clarify the Payment terms from the start. In summary, my experience with them has been good and I would work for them again without hesitation. 9/12/2010
2437 10 First 45 days, then 60 days. - There were little delays when they paid at 45 days, but they did pay. And there were no more delays when they changed to 60 days. Payment received: Yes (large amount over the years). (Will work for again: Yes.) I was contacted by Nuria de la Calle, but I couldn't take her project because I was busy. I worked with a lot of other Project Managers at Glotas. I haven't worked for them since July, 2005 because I was busy all the times they contacted me. 4/11/2010
2436 10 net 30 - YES Payment received: Always received on time (230 Euros ). (Will work for again: Yes ) 2/8/2011

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