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2424 10 30 days after invoice date - 11-Mar-06 Payment received: Never got paid (8.68 USD). (Will work for again: Probably ) Updated comments: A few days ago I received an e-mail by Mr Mostafa Khalil Ahmed representing the company, explaining to me the reasons of the delay in Payments. I have accepted their apologies and today they have also send me the outstanding Payment for USD 8.68. I think I will give them a second chance and work again for them, when and if they propose me a project. Original comments: Payment was to be made through Paypal, not later than 28/06/2005, as they wrote to their PO. I know it's a very small amount and I really don't care about it. I sent them only a query, but they didn't bother to answer. Although I do not believe that they cannot pay, I hardly call this a professional attitude. 2/18/2007

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