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2811 60 1 1 1 I've done about 100 jobs for Transperfect of NY. There have been disputed payments twice. In each case they proposed a translation rate that was about 25% (!) less than what I accepted, and I negotiated a higher rate, so I've always had the feeling that they decided to dispute payment only after the fact when they found they wouldn't make money on a job. Beware! A company that can't be trusted to follow ethical payment practices, in violation of the ATA ethical guidelines signed by this company. 8/2/2010
2782 60 0 5 2 Do not expect fairness dealing with Transperfect NYC. They do not know what that means. They do know to get you to do all the paperwork and invoicing into their system. 60 days late on the payment happened the first dealing with them. Always get paid with arbitrated payment reduction against the agreement. My last bill was $1,600 USD, they insist that they will pay $680 USD. As of now, after agreed term, I have yet to receive my payment. Will I work with them again? NO. 1/18/2010
2422 0 30 days after date of delivery - NO Invoice remains unpaid Payment received: on time (USD 237.68). (Will work for again: No) I did two transllations for them: one on August 16th and another on August 17th. They never answered my several messages asking about their Payment terms. I only got a message from Mr. Michael J. Layley on September 12th telling me to let him know when I set up a Paypal account. In other jobs they've posted, they say they pay 30 days after date of delivery, so my Payment would be 22 days overdue. 1/15/2007
2421 0 30 days end of month - YES Payment received: Merrill Payments usually arrive in about 40-45 days. Very consistent. I would call that on time, though slightly different from my invoice ($800.00). (Will work for again: yes) 5/31/2007
2420 2 30 days end of month - always Payment received: up to 3 months late (several hundreds USD). (Will work for again: sure!) I would asy go for it, very courteous andpleasant to work with!!! 4/12/2007
2419 4 60 days after the invoice date, end of month - No, more than 3 months late for the first group of invoices and the last two have been paid just a month ago, almost a year later Payment received: on my terms, more than one month and more than 2 months respectively (about 5700 euro). (Will work for again: NEVER AGAIN) They only replied to my messages and agreed to pay when I said I was going to inform the transllation community that Transware was an unworthy client. Some other translators informed me that they had the same problems with them but it was about two months after the date of my last invoice, bad luck there! 7/7/2009
2418 6 30 days EOM - a week or two late for some, on time for others Payment received: yes (Appx GBP 150 in total). (Will work for again: Yes) 9/29/2007
2417 8 started being 30 days, then changed to 60 days - No, Payment was received 6 months after the invoice was sent, therefore four months late. Payment received: No, one month late (75 euro). (Will work for again: No) Enquired about late Payment and was informed of different Payment terms (60 days). The Payment did not come on time according to these terms. Contacted them again and said that Payment had been passed over by finance and that it would be included in the early October pay run. It didn't. Checked again and in November got a reply where they apologized and said they would confirm Payment when it was arranged. Finally got paid by approx. middle December. 3/28/2012
2416 8 30 days - YES Payment received: Always Yes ($1000s). (Will work for again: YES ) very efficient company 6/13/2006
2415 8 net 30 days or by arrangement - YES Payment received: Mostly, yes. I can remember maybe two queries when the Payment was somewhat later than expected (over almost 10 years) ($1000s). (Will work for again: YES) very efficient company 7/29/2011
2414 10 25 days after invoice, at day 10 or 25 of the month. - YES Payment received: YES (u$s 400). (Will work for again: YES ) 8/26/2005
2413 10 30 days - NO. almost a month late after I emailed many times and called 2 times. Payment received: ($600). (Will work for again: not sure ) This agency seems to be new and doesn't have a web site. 3/8/2006
2412 10 45 days after invoice authorization (completed projects are collected and authorized for - NO. Still waiting for Payment now (14 September 2006) Payment received: NO ($4,500). (Will work for again: Not sure at the moment) They told me several times that they had tried to make Payments using a wire or bank transfer, but that the wire had been refused because the details were incorrect. [Hearsay deleted] When I speak to someone or exchange emails with someone at the company, they sound polite and helpful. 2/1/2009
2411 10 30 days - Not on time. Payment received: no it was not late (Ranges from my minimum rate to several hundreds). (Will work for again: I keep working for them.) [Mod. note: rating based on unpaid, outstanding amount] Things regarding Payment improved until I brought up the subject when a PM asked me recently to complete a job. I have started to receive overdue Payments but there are still some outstanding. Accounts is not definitely the strong side of Transperfect. 3/17/2006
2410 10 60 days - Several months later Payment received: Not yet received (several 100s.). (Will work for again: NO) Every job that I invoiced for took more than 120 days for Payment. Then in the second half of 2005, the invoices were unpaid until July 2006. I wrote many, many e-mails requesting Payment. After finally threatening with collection agency, I got paid. 5/27/2009
2409 10 net 30 days - No, one invoice was paid 7 weeks after the due date and after several phone calls, the invoice dated the beginning of July 2005 is still not paid (Aug.17, 2005) Payment received: YES, 90% of the time. (1116 USD ). (Will work for again: NO) 6/1/2011
2408 10 never specified but around 30 days - No, usually weeks late. Payment received: No (Approx. $2000). (Will work for again: Probably not.) Maybe the agency has changed their Payment practice, but I also noticed on 2 occasions, they wanted to deduct the Payment in half, since I haven't used specific terminology from the client. I mentioned to the agency, that the terminology was never supplied to me. This happened on two occasions, so I've started to believe that it could be an excuse to try to cut Payments in half. I advice to be very caucious with this agency. 10/20/2011
2407 10 Net 45 - Payment right at 60 days Payment received: yes (several thousand USD). (Will work for again: Yes, whenever I can fit it in.) This year I have been working mostly for their London and their Brussels offices, but I always indicate on my invoices a preference for being paid in USD, by check, and from the NY office, in order to avoid exchange and wire transfer charges. Their PMs are pleasant to work with and their deadlines seem to be more reasonable these days. 8/31/2011
2406 0 30 days eom - Once on time, once a month late after a lot of chasing Payment received: on time (US$ 2500). (Will work for again: Probably) Have worked with other of their offices (UK, Switzerland) on many other occasions. Their Payment (and other) systems are anything but vendor-friendly. 12/15/2007
2405 0 30 days from invoice - The first Payment yes, I'm still waiting for the Payment of the February invoices. Payment received: Partial Payment received on time (USD 2,000). (Will work for again: I think not) [Mod. note: Assumed 2nd check is actually in the mail] I sent several requests by e-mail for two outstanding invoices. First time they said that my second February Invoice had not entered in their system without further explanations, whereas the first check had been cut and was awaiting for signature. Then, one week later, they said that the check had been approved but was still waiting to be sent away. Yesterday they told me that my check had been mailed. Let's hope! I don't know the status of the other check. Total lack of organization and communication between the various departments. 5/2/2008 0:00
2404 0 45 days - YES Payment received: yes, always ($1,530.00). (Will work for again: Yes ) They paid within 3 weeks. 1/21/2009
2403 2 Didn't discuss this in advance - About 10 days late but maybe due to posting cheque to France. Or it takes a long time to put the stamp on the envelope maybe. Payment received: YES (640 USD (came to about 420 euro)). (Will work for again: Yes because I work for the London branch which is okay but Payment comes from New York and takes forever. ) Ms Collins was not my project manager but she does not have a good reputation. I have sent my CV to her but she haggles over rates. They don't have paypal and bank charges are expensive. Once pay is converted to euro and you pay any charges there isn't much left. 1/14/2010
2402 6 45 days - YES About a month EARLY. Payment received: NO. 6 months (US$40). (Will work for again: Yes.) Transperfect recently implemented a centralized invoice processing system, which I hope will solve the Payment problems that (for instance) their UK office reportedly had in the past. All Payments are now processed in the NYC office, and you upload your invoice directly into their computer system. I was, frankly, expecting trouble and only took a job from their London office because it was a small amount to risk losing, so I was surprised when the check showed up early on August 26. 1/7/2009
2401 7 net 30 - yes Payment received: 27/06/2003 (several thousand USD ). (Will work for again: yes, when they're willing to pay my price and have reasonable deadlines ) projects tend to be ridiculous rushes, but when reasonable I'm happy to take them on 2/2/2011
2400 8 Net 45 - Yes Payment received: See comments (Several thousand USD ). (Will work for again: Am still working for them) PMs that I deal with are always courteous and professional and very appreciative of your work. The new invoice processing system is also excellent, and Payments have been, if anything, a little early. TransPerfect seems to have a very steady stream of projects once you go through their approval process, however, as others have noted, many jobs are ultra-rush, some rates are below what I would consider the norm, and PMs have also asked me to issue only one invoice per project, even if the project happens in installments over many weeks. All in all my experiences with TPT have been satisfactory and Payment has never been a problem. 9/3/2011
2399 10 30 net - Yes Payment received: Yes, early!! (total over USD 5000). (Will work for again: Yes) Payments are handled by NY office 10/27/2008
2398 10 net 30 - on time Payment received: yes (several hundred dollars ). (Will work for again: probably) I work for this company occasionally. As far as I remember they pay on time. I have not had a problem with them. 12/26/2010
2397 10 45 days - YES since they implemented their new Rapid Invoice Processing System Payment received: YES (several thousand USD since I started cooperating with them.). (Will work for again: Yes) I mainly work with their London office and, on an on and off basis, with their NY office. There have been problems with late Payments in the past but they seem to have been resolved after the implementation of their new invoice processing system. The PMs are always very kind and helpful. Nehal (the person replying my emails about late Payments in the past) was also very polite. 1/22/2009
2396 6 net 30 - not received yet Payment received: No ($500.00). (Will work for again: no, unless Payment practices improve.) 12/15/2010
2395 6 30 days - About 3 months late. Still waiting for Payment. Payment received: yes ($2,400). (Will work for again: I usually interpret for them although I??ve also translated. I haven??t been paid yet for my first job with them in october so I??m not sure if I would work for them again. See next answer.) To be fair to them, I had not included the PO number in my invoice so maybe that accounts for the delay. 11/6/2005
2394 6 30 days end of month. - No, not received Payment received: (GBP 30). (Will work for again: No, not anymore) I started reminding them in November, they sent me some strange PDF file which would proof they sent me my money, but I doesn't proof anything to me. I did not receive the money, and my bank told me they should contact their bank to inform what went wrong. When I told them my patience had come to an end, and I warned them I would warn my colleagues, they asked me not to overreact. But still they did not pay. Well, I am not overreacting, I am simply not willing to work anymore for a client that does not seem to be able to correctly handle the Payment of such a small amount of money. I did work for them before, and they did pay me before, although usually late, and a reminder was usually necessary. But now after corresponding with them for over two months, about such a small amount, I am simply fed up, and I will not work for them again. 9/2/2007
2393 6 30 days end of month. - No, 5 months late Payment received: Either I had to call after 60 days OR they were at least a month late. But I was always paid. (GBP 30). (Will work for again: No, not anymore) Today I received Payment for the amount of GBP 30, by PayPal, 6 months after the date of invoice. [Original comments] I started reminding them in November, they sent me some strange PDF file which would proof they sent me my money, but I doesn't proof anything to me. I did not receive the money, and my bank told me they should contact their bank to inform what went wrong. When I told them my patience had come to an end, and I warned them I would warn my colleagues, they asked me not to overreact. But still they did not pay. Well, I am not overreacting, I am simply not willing to work anymore for a client that does not seem to be able to correctly handle the Payment of such a small amount of money. I did work for them before, and they did pay me before, although usually late, and a reminder was usually necessary. But now after corresponding with them for over two months, about such a small amount, I am simply fed up, and I will not work for them again. 9/1/2007
2392 10 assuming 30 - 45 days - See comments Payment received: Yes (no idea, quite a bit over time). (Will work for again: Yes, I do so on a regular basis. ) [Mod. note: Rating based on average of late and on-time Payments.] They are reliable and courteous. Favourite client, I am glad they reorganized their invoicing system though! At first, it was always late and they did not pay until I prodded quite a bit. Once, I issued an invoice to the address of the project manager, and when I inquired for Payment, I found out that I had to issue to the New York address to get paid. Payment became prompt and reliable after they re-did their invoicing system and I followed their instructions (include PO with invoice, issue invoice to New York, send to project manager and the TransPerfect invoice address). Checks now appear in the mail regularly and reliably 45 - 50 days after the invoice date. I must mention that they probably spend about 5 - 10 days of that time in the mail system. 12/21/2009
2391 10 The PM promised 14 days - 90 days Payment received: See below (800 US). (Will work for again: not sure) In January 2005 I worked for the France office, and Payment came from NY, everything was fine. Small amount. Then in Sept they needed an interpreter. They agreed to my price and additional requirements, I told the PM I had read some not so perfect comments about TransPerfect, and asked to be paid at the site. She said that was not possible, but if I faxed my PO and W-8 the next day, I would be paid in 14 days. That did not happen. AFter 2 months, I asked her what was happening, and got the old I've forwarded your request to the accounts department routine - with no further communication. A month and a couple of e-mails after that, the accounts dept told me I had to fax a W-8 to get paid... I did eventually receive it (January 2006). So to me it looks like their terms are 90 days no matter what the PM promises in the heat of the moment when securing a language provider's services. 4/14/2012
2390 0 30 Net (My terms) - ca. 15 days late Payment received: Always on time, well before 30 days. (many K$$). (Will work for again: No problem) TransPerfect is one of the mega providers of transllations. They have offices in NY, London and Brussels, and perhaps more. They used to call at all hours, try to pay as little as possible and sometimes pay very slowly. All this seems to have changed. They now send out job opportunities by email, are more willing to pay your rates, esp. in the case of (frequent) rush assignments, and they pay regularly at 45 days without prompting. The PMs are always pleasant and some have been with TransPerfect for a long time, which speaks well for them. When they can't find the translaters they need after an email inquiry they seem to post the job on Proz. If you need work, it helps to be at the top of their list, as they have a never-ending stream of assignments. 10/29/2008
2389 6 30 days - About 10 days late Payment received: Yes, always on time, sometimes early. ($1,800). (Will work for again: Yes, I usually interpret for them. Quite happy to continue. ) There is always a mix up with PO numbers and job numbers. I know I have to ring New York a week before Payment is due to be made to remind them. Stacey will chase up Payment usually. Whenever there have been any problems I just say legal action and they pay me. I have to allow for the checks to arrive in France so there's always a delay. I'm used to Transperfect getting everything mixed up so I don't mind really anymore. There's always a lot of fussy paperwork to deal with so you'd think it was France not the US. I have to pay my bank 25 euros to cash the check but a wire transfer from Transperfect is overpriced. They don't have paypal. 11/5/2005
2388 10 30 days - Yes (see below) Payment received: Within 30 days or less. (> USD 1000). (Will work for again: still do) Stacey sent me a check of around USD 180 in time for the first few small jobs of a project. I returned the check since I know they are very hard to cash in here in Indonesia. I asked Stacey to transfer the money to my bank account if the amount was worth transferring (like more than USD 1000), so I expect a bank transfer soon. 5/21/2006

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