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2383 2 30 days from invoice - 1 month Payment received: Always on time (GBP 1000.00). (Will work for again: Yes, but with trepidation) Have work with TP offices in London for many years, also recently the Swiss office. All was fine except this one office: I had to chase them for a week to receive a PO to begin with, then after the job, they failed to pay until I chased them. Then there was total confusion between the PM (who was quite incompetent) and the Accounts Dept: she hadn't told anyone I need an IRS form to certify that I don't pay USA income tax, and they simply waited for one without telling me I need to fill in one. As a result, Payment was 1 month late (and I was only paid because I liaised between their different departments, something they should have done themselves). 4/27/2008
2382 2 net 30 days - 98% of all invoices are paid on time Payment received: Yes, see comments (a large amount over the years). (Will work for again: All the time) There must be many replies in the archive. I myself responded at least twice over the past year or 2. As far as I know, Beth Tiesler is in the Hong Kong office, unless she returned very recently. But it is possible that she placed a job for the NY office. All the offices worldwide work together. 5/14/2011

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