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2381 10 net 30 days - 98% of all invoices are paid on time Payment received: Yes (a large amount over the years). (Will work for again: All the time) There must be many replies in the archive. I myself responded at least twice over the past year or 2. As far as I know, Beth Tiesler is in the Hong Kong office, unless she returned very recently. But it is possible that she placed a job for the NY office. All the offices worldwide work together. 5/13/2011
2380 0 30 days ( but see comments) - About 30 days or more. Payment received: Payment always received promptly after invoice issued (Round $200). (Will work for again: No, thanks!!) [Mod. note: Terms of net 30 assumed. Rating based on unilateral (accept reduction or we won't pay at all) reduction of amount billed They called me regarding a job and I was told it was a general transllation, not technical. I told them specifically, if it was too technical I couldn't take it on. The transllation was very technical... The company was desperate finding somebody on a short notice who could do the job. I did my best, but called the company next business day (they sent it late Friday so I couldn't call them back (very thought out)...) that the transllation was too technical and this wasn't my field of expertise and I was very upset and felt totally mislead and lied upon... I should've just ignored the job and called them up and told them that I couldn't do it. My mistake. Later on, they called me because they wanted to lower the Payment for the job... since I didn't used their specific technical terminology that the client sent to the agency.... The terminology 12/26/2006
2379 10 Net30 - NO 45 days of late Payment Payment received: In the beginning YES, from about mid 2003 onwards I had to chase them quite frequently. Their usual excuse was, that things are difficult in Turkey. Payment for two jobs done in Feb. 2004 are still outstanding because see Comments. (500 USD ). (Will work for again: No, thanks!!) Everytime saying that the Payment was done, but always forgot to send the cheque ... I don't know really if I can recommend this company ... Maybe inside US, but not sure the behavior of this company (only the New York office however) would be different ...Sometimes it seemed to be a complete mess inside the organization of the company itself ... 10/7/2011
2378 10 30 days after month ends in which TEK has received invoice. - Yes Payment received: always on time (). (Will work for again: yes) Amy DiTrani was courteous and helpful 3/4/2007
2377 10 60 days date of invoice - 1 inv. before due time, 3 inv. with delays ranging from 6 weeks to 10 days, 6 invoices are still outstanding. Payment received: on time (approx. 500 euros ). (Will work for again: I doubt it.) In April and May I did quite some small jobs for TP London. Part of the invoices was paid mid-June, the rest is still due and there has not been any reaction from TP since the end of July. The oldest invoice concerned is dated April 27, 2005. It is quite annoying to chase after the remaining 180 euros, several PMs promised to get into the matter - with no result so far. 7/12/2009
2376 10 60 days - no, not always on time. 3 weeks late Payment received: Always on time, well before 30 days. (^1000). (Will work for again: yes, but I would check the bank charges for each and every job because the translator has to pay all bank charges, even theirs, and this can be quite expensive. Last time I had bank charges amounting to ^38! ) [Mod. note: It seems as if accounts payable is handled from the London and/or New York offices, hence the high bank fees.] 5/12/2009

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