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2374 10 Net 30 days - Usually on time, with the exception of one hiccup at the end of 2002 Payment received: Yes for the first one, the second invoice hasn't been sent yet to them. (Several thousand USD). (Will work for again: Yes) Accounting for the Frankfurt branch is apparently handled through London. My normale contacts (PM's) are in London, as well. However, they have given me assignments for the Frankfurt branch. 6/23/2011
2373 10 end of month following invoice. - No. 5 months later. Payment received: Thirty days late (450 Euros +/-.). (Will work for again: Yes.) Elizabeth is a very nice person and quite easy going PM. She was in Hong Kong when I worked for her. I'm sure the enormous delay was due to a currency processing situation and only inside the Accounts Dept. They are a very solid company and have no cash flow problems whatsoever. 3/9/2010

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