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2364 10 30 days eom - Yes Payment received: YES (euro 500 ). (Will work for again: Yesssss!) 2/16/2008
2363 10 30 days - YES Payment received: Yes (3000 EUR approx. ). (Will work for again: YES, OF COURSE) NICE AGENCY, VERY PROFESSIONAL 9/1/2006
2362 10 used to be 60 days eom + 9 working days, but on 12 September I received a circular saying that - No It is now 6 weeks late Payment received: Yes, on time, by bank transfer (^ 497). (Will work for again: Not sure) After my second reminder I was told the invoice had been paid by bank transfer. When I hadn't received any money after another week I was told that the account details were wrong and the transfer had to be done again (last Thursday) 6/5/2012
2361 10 net 30 - No. I have not received Payment yet. Payment received: I am still awaiting Payment, despite numerous registered letters, emails, phone calls, all to no avail. (USD 60 ). (Will work for again: No) I am aware that this Payment is due today but I have some grounds for believing that this agency will not pay, to wit: 12/10/2010
2360 10 net 30 upon invoicing - NO. I have not received my Payment whivh was due 2 weeks ago Payment received: Always on time (). (Will work for again: Certainly not since ) I have done one job for her and she was the one who contacted me, I did not respond to a job posting. No replies to reminders, emails extremely rude if indeed she answers and no phone (!) only an answering machine (very odd). I have later learned that this woman [allegedely] never pays unless taken to court! I'm stunned that she can still survive in this business. 8/12/2011

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