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2359 9 30 days EOM (ours) - NO. Payment received: Never received (US$130). (Will work for again: No.) Their purchase order includes the line Standard terms Payment 40 days after we receive the invoice, which would have been within our 30 days EOM (July 10 + 40 = Aug. 20 vs. our due date of Aug. 31). I delivered the transllation and invoice together July 10, due August 31, to which the PM (Noah Treacher) replied, Thanks for sending the files. I will forward your invoice and notes about Payment to our accountant. Thanks for working on such short notice and I look forward to working with you again. In response to our August 31 statement of account noting the lack of Payment, he wrote, I will send this to accounting and have it cleared up immediately. In response to our Sept. 30 statement noting the lack of Payment, the company's accountant wrote, We have never received your invoice to accounting department. Please refer to Purchase Agreement and send the original invoice to . The PM also replied with an apology, followed an hour later by this: We are 3/25/2008

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