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2355 10 net 30 days - no, but they always pay Payment received: Yes, no problem at all (about 1000 Euros). (Will work for again: still do) I haven't worked with Gary, but with Tom Garrahan. They now work under the name Tafamatrix though. Same address. After one reminder, he always pays immediately. 5/30/2011
2354 10 Net 30 (my end) - Always Payment received: YES (A couple thousand euros since 2002 - mainly small jobs ). (Will work for again: Absolutely) They don't pay the highest line rate, but the fact that they pay the invoice within a week more than makes up for it. 5/2/2011
2353 10 net 30 - YES Payment received: See comments (several thousand dollars total ). (Will work for again: Absolutely.) This agency is an extremely fast payer, and that makes up for the sometimes low line prices. The owner Hanns Schiefele is a very responsible person and sometimes acts as a project manager as well. I haven't received work from them in a while, but that is because the project manager I used to work with passed away suddenly. The other project managers have called me on occasion, but I unfortunately haven't been available lately. 3/3/2011

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