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2347 10 30 days - Payment generally a bit to a lot late (never on time, usually a week or two, occasionally a month or more) until two invoices we sent to collection. Payment received: Yes, Payment was indeed made upon delivery as promised (Over $3,000 was in collection, probably around $10,000 overall). (Will work for again: *AFTER* they pay us what they owe and *IF* they pay in advance... other way. ) After the invoice was a month overdue, I emailed to ask what's up. It turned out the project manager had left the company and the two projects in question were left with no-one to address the questions about them. They later said that the transllation was horrible, but couldn't tell us whether it was the one into Hebrew (which I did) or the one into Dutch (which my husband did). Moreover, they hadn't questioned the quality at any time before that. We escalated the issue through their management chain and got an answer on Christmas eve - they didn't want to pay us and weren't going to. So we sent the matter to collection and were paid for the Dutch project, not the Hebrew one. Currently owing: just under ######## 4/25/2006
2346 10 45 days - Sometimes, often late 45 - 120 days Payment received: Never received (about $40,000). (Will work for again: Yes (I do at the moment)) [Mod. note: Rating based on most invoices paid 15 days late (several '4s', with some Payments being 45 - 90 days late (several 3s and 2s) and a few Payments over 90 days late (a few 1s). I work with about 15 PM's (also for their offices in San Francisco and Barcelona) and they are all very helpful, friendly and cooperative. Finance department advised me to make inquiries to the PM's first (for confirmation of sending the PO's and approvals to the finance department) before making inquiries to the finance department, and this works okay. Every two weeks I send updated overviews to involved PM's and the finance department, with attached all PO's and invoices involved. Most of the time checks are now send within 60 days (acceptable for me). 120 days is exceptional and only happened with minimum projects ($25.-) that slipped through somehow. Checks for over $5,000 need two signatures and take longer than normal (only happened ones). If Payment takes too long and I 1/5/2009
2345 10 30 days - yes Payment received: Mostly on time with slight delays (GBP450). (Will work for again: certainly) very nice people 6/23/2006
2344 10 30 days date of invoice - Yes Payment received: yes (L1000). (Will work for again: Yes) Nice and reliable 3/20/2007
2343 10 Net 30 days - Yes Payment received: always on time (L 1000). (Will work for again: Definitely) Both Sarah and Zara are great to work with! 6/27/2011
2342 10 30 days - NO, never received Payment received: no. still waiting ($1,600). (Will work for again: No) received Payment promptly for the first few invoices, had to send reminders for several invoices and was paid in February. For the amount owed now, I tried to contact several times via e-mail, regular mail, but never received a reply. Spoke to him personally at the ATA conference and was promised that I would get paid...nothing yet. 2/16/2006

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