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2341 6 net 30 - usually late, 1 or 2 reminders needed (I send reminders when an invoice is 2 weeks overdue and, depending on the client, on a weekly or biweekly basis therafter) Payment received: Yes, always (). (Will work for again: Yes.) The support for questions etc. is always excellent. Cooperation and response time are also first rate. Payments are slow, but there is never any doubt that the money will come. 1/19/2011
2340 10 30 days EOM ours) - Initially timely, then late -- see Comments. Payment received: maybe a week late. (about 450 USD). (Will work for again: Perhaps, but I want to hear a good explanation first. ) Invoice of Dec. 18, 2003 for $126 was timely paid, as was invoice of May 12, 2004 for $196. Two invoices of June 7 and 25, 2004 totaling $112 were ignored, as were three monthly statements (June 30, July 31, August 31). Certified letter suspending service and demanding Payment, with monthly statement attached, was sent September 30. Payment including late charges was received without comment October 6. No contact since then in either direction. 4/5/2008
2339 4 net 30 days - on time Payment received: YES (under $1,000.). (Will work for again: yes) Elisabete is very pleasant to work with. 6/12/2011
2338 10 net 30 - YES. Always Payment received: Yes (several thousands). (Will work for again: Definetly. I have several projects from them now ) Excellent people to work with. They are very responsive to translator's needs. One of my best clients, not because of volume but because of the quality of its people. 4/30/2011

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