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2329 10 net 30 - NO, up to 2 months late Payment received: Usually on time but not always - see below (about 3000 Euro ). (Will work for again: Maybe) Jane is a very nice and helpful person, but seems to be rather disorganized. She gives the impression that the agency is quite big and that she will let the accountancy department know when a Payment is overdue, however, the agency consists of no more than 4 people. I worked a lot for her in those five months but in the end got fed up with having to send a reminder for each and every Payment. Furthermore, her rates are quite low. 12/6/2010
2328 10 30 NET? - Yes Payment received: YES (Thousands of EUR ). (Will work for again: Yes) 11/3/2008
2327 10 not actually set, they accepted mine (21 days after invoice date) - one on time, one slightly late Payment received: Yes (a few hundred Euros). (Will work for again: just a few hours ago I accepted another small job from Kogler. ) They seem to be a little unorganized (Sending job requests like Would you be able to do a job for us by xyz-Date, without mentioning the quantity or topic) and their rates are quite low. 11/7/2011
2326 10 30 days - No, Payment was never received. Payment received: I did not work for them (65 euros). (Will work for again: Never) After invoice was due, I sent several reminders, they responded about 40-45 days after. They suggested I use Moneybookers, since they don't use PayPal, I opened a Moneybookers acct.the same day and sent them the info, in about three weeks or so they replied that they made a bank transfer and part of their money came back (minus transfer fees) to them with the absurd explanation that I had refused the money, I wrote numerous times asking them to resend the Payment, they answered they already lost money and can't afford to any more. They seem to be disorganized and unprofessional. 2/25/2006
2325 10 30 days EoM (mine) - Never exactly on time, sometimes only a few days late, sometimes up to 2 month late. Payment received: Payment received 15.11.04 (see below) (200 Euros or so). (Will work for again: not sure.) They do not seem to be very organized, often they send requests like Could you translate a document for us by tomorrow afternoon, not mentioning the language combination or the amount of text involved. 3/24/2008
2324 10 net 30 - YES, 7 days early Payment received: Received on time ($250). (Will work for again: Yes) 4/11/2011
23 35 9 9 8/9/2012

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