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work home translation jobs

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2323 0 net 30 - on time Payment received: yes (about 1500^). (Will work for again: I do regulary ) chaotic activity, 2-3 Ladies for the same Projekt, some no received Emails, but nice people and on time Payment. 12/24/2010
2322 10 undefined - More or less in time. See below. Payment received: YES, but not the whole amount (a few 100s euros, maybe up to a 1000). (Will work for again: Of course) I didn't really keep track of the invoices because they usually involved ^ 50 or so, for birth certificates and police reports. But Hendrik always paid. 5/24/2012
2321 10 net 30 - YES, on time or even earlier Payment received: no, delayed between 15-30+ days, they usually need reminding. (about 100 Euros ). (Will work for again: Yes) I did a few small jobs for them in 1999, 2000, and 2005 which were all paid on time or earlier. No problems whatsoever. 4/23/2011

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