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2320 8 30 days - YES (within 20 days) Payment received: YES (116 GBP). (Will work for again: Yes) 5/22/2006
2319 10 5th of the month following delivery - yes, always like clockword Payment received: YES & NO USUALLY ON TIME, A FEW TIMES LATE - BY AS MUCH AS 3-4 WEEKS - BUT PAYMENTS PROMPTLY MADE UPON RECEIVING REMINDERS (serveral hundred Euros). (Will work for again: without hesitation) 4/12/2009
2318 10 5th of the month following delivery - yes, always like clockword Payment received: No (serveral hundred Euros). (Will work for again: without hesitation) 4/11/2009
2317 10 about a week EOM - YES Payment received: Yes (some thousands euros). (Will work for again: Yes) Very well organized agency, fast Payments, a lot of short projects on constant basis, but their rates are a little bit low. 11/12/2009
2316 10 5th of month following delivery of the work. - Always Payment received: Payments are sometimes a little bit late but nothing to worry about. They pay every single penny. ($8,000 - $10,000). (Will work for again: Still do.) Nothing but good to say about They use a custom in-house program that automatically generates your invoice at the end of the month. Once you've enter your information in their database, and have done a project or more for them, you get an e-mail at the end of the month directing you to an on-line invoice in which you simply verify the itemized jobs you have completed and total amount of the invoice. You then select the form of Payment, and voila, done! Payment is then made on the 5th of the following month. I wish all of my clients used similar systems. The amount of time that is saved is immense. As regards the company, they have interesting projects. They will sometimes ask you to accept slightly lower rates for certain projects due to limited budgets, but this is not common and they make up for it by offering higher rates on other projects. They are very fast-paced and do a high volume as far as I can tell. I only wish I had more hours in the day to work fo 4/7/2009 0:00

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