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2305 10 60 days - No, very late Payment received: YES (EUR 150). (Will work for again: No) [Mod. note: not rated due to lack of info on how many days very late was] I happened to be in Paris and told them I was coming and went there to collect my money in cash. I got it. The woman there was very snooty and informed me they were a very big agency! I refrained from pointing out that if they were so big why couldn't they afford to pay on time. It is owned by some American who was there and said hello. 5/17/2009
2304 10 net upon receipt of invoice - No, 3 to 5 months late, received 07/08/2003, 22/09/03, 12/11/03 and 22/09/03 respectively Payment received: YES (most of the times) max delay about a month (approx. EUR 1000.00 in total). (Will work for again: Probably not.) There was some talk of financial difficulties at the time and I got the impression that I would not have received the Payments when I did had I not sent several reminders. 10/5/2011

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