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2299 0 Payment terms were (e.g. net 30, 60 days end of month): 30 days end of month - NO!! the first was received in May after reminders and threats, the second in august and only 50% (see comments) Payment received: If not, how late was it: YES, even earlier sometimes (Eur 800). (Will work for again: NO and strongly recommend everybody not to work for them [Mod. Note : personal opinion erased and response corrected conforming to the PP rules]) She works under different company names. The first job was done for Benedict. When I complainedabout lack of Payment, first she gave all kind of excuses, as if she is not in the company anymore. Then I told her I was going to contact them directly and surprise she called them and they sent the cheque. For the second job (accepted because it was within the term of Payment she said) she gave all kind of idiotic excuses: the owner of the client company was in the hospital with a heart attack, etc. When I threated to contact them directly, because the owner may be in ER but the company still operates, she sent me a cheque from her own money covering fifty percent. And two months ago, when someone asked about her and I gave her this information on and off list she sent me a very angry message surprised of my comments. Suddenly she said the tr 2/24/2012

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