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2787 14 not rating not rating 10 I have worked with this agency since 2008 on a very regular basis - they are in fact one of my best customers! They regularly put work my way and are always very helpful and courteous in correspondence. Payment is always on time, varying from same-day (usually for smaller jobs via PayPal) to end-of-month payment (for larger jobs by bank transfer). I should point out that, in most cases, even large payments in excess of EUR 1000 have been made before the 30-day payment term. On the very rare occasions on which I have raised an issue with them, this has in all cases been very swiftly resolved. I'm afraid I cannot reflect on the other comment submitted above, as I have not once come into contact with a Patricia during the three years (2008-2010) in which I have worked with this agency, however I CAN say that this is not the type of conduct to which I have become accustomed with TransAction. Other ratings I have seen of this agency on other sites have also always been very good (nothing less than 5 on ProZ!). I would very heartily recommend TransAction to other translators seeking clients! 6/14/2010
2298 10 30 days EOM - Never got a single cent Payment received: Yes -18. (Will work for again: Never ) I have worked only twice, the name of the person who contacted me was Patrizia, and she never paid. Then I discovered she is a well known [deleted], nevertheless this Patrizia kept contacting me for other transllations. When I asked for my small invoice to be cleared and to be paid in advance she disappeared. Then we spoke a lot about her on langit the mailing list of Italian translators. If I were you I would only work if paid in give you an idea of how mean this person is, she owes me an amount of money equivalent to 5 packets of cigarettes 10/26/2007

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