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2297 10 30 deom - sort of20 Payment received: YES (about 300.--). (Will work for again: yes ) Nice people but a bit chaotic {Mod. note: Assumed sort of means not more than 10 days late] 9/6/2008
2296 10 60 days e.o.m. - a few days late, but Payment made immediately after receiving my reminder Payment received: YES (250 euro). (Will work for again: probably) 7/16/2009
2295 10 30 days EOM - YES Payment received: Always on time (?? 3xx). (Will work for again: yes) This was an ongoing project of several very small jobs where a summary invoice was to be posted at the end of the corresponding month, with the Payment delay being 30 days. The project went very smoothly, Payment was prompt and on time: I can recommend TransCultura. 1/14/2008
2294 10 30 days - yes Payment received: yes (approx. $ 3000). (Will work for again: yes, just finished a job yesterday) Great cooperation, good feedback on questions 9/15/2006
2293 10 net 30 days - Payment averaged around 30 days, although I occasionally asked them to delay a small invoice Payment received: Always on time (15,000 euros). (Will work for again: yes, although I would probably check their more recent history first ) (if any) 6/15/2011
2292 10 30 days - Yes and No (first invoice was paid about 20 days late, but the second one was paid within 21 days) Payment received: Early, by return (around $300 total). (Will work for again: Yes. Still do occasionally.) Joachim is very professional and the jobs have been interesting. I wouldn't have any qualms working with this agency. 5/23/2006
2291 10 30 days - On the dot Payment received: Yes, even before (a few hundred dollars). (Will work for again: Yes) Guilherme is a professional translator himself and is very honest and helpful. 3/23/2006

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