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19 0 9 5 I did a large amount of work for this company over a period of six months. Payment terms were agreed as 30 days from reception of invoice. For the first four months, all went well, jobs were very urgent, however. In the fifth month, stopped paying me. I sent registered mail to them, and smaller invoices were paid, but not larger ones. Also, later jobs went unpaid. I sent more late payment notices by registered mail, and they replied with We can't seem to find your invoices. I sent them about a dozen times. It's for this reason I have rated their pleasantness at 5 - although they were polite, it was clear they were stalling. This went on for three months, when I finally decided to use legal action - the French injonction de payer. It was deemed receivable in full.'s one-month legal limit went by with no payment, so according to French law, I asked for payment to be seized. On the last day of the legal seizure's one-month waiting period, formed an opposition against the injunction. I asked for it to be taken to court. This was accepted, and two months later I appeared in court in Marseille - however, did not. In fact, they refused to be served with the court notice, meaning that they can claim they did not know their own opposition had been heard in court... Obviously I do not recommend working with this company. 5/22/2010

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