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2281 6 30 days end of month - Yes Payment received: YES (Many thousands GBP over several hundred jobs). (Will work for again: Yes, still do) Inquiries about Payment always dealt with promptly and only necessary once in a blue moon anyway. And on at least one occasion they reminded I had not invoiced for a job I had done for them!! Professional and friendly, helpful with queries, good understanding of what transllation is all about (the manager is herself a translator), a pleasure to work with. No hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending them. 7/6/2007
2280 10 30 days - Comments below Payment received: yes (over 400 euros). (Will work for again: Absolutely not) C. Phillips called me for availability for 4400 words required within 40 or so hours on 9 October 06. I accepted and duly clicked on the Accept project button on the translator's database where the PO details are stated. I worked through the night on the project (legal, for Tele 2). At 2 am I emailed saying I would call in case I got behind. At 5 am, I realised 3/4 of the project was completed and I went to sleep. At 7:15 am there was an e-mail from Phillips saying he had taken me off the project. He advertised the same job on ProZ and immediately replaced me with another translator. I called Sweden to ask what was going on as I'd completed 3/4 of the project for which I had a PO number, and I was expecting to deliver the completed project a good 3 to 5 hours ahead of time on the Wednesday. Philipps shouted at me on the phone to send him what I had completed. He gave me five minutes to do it. However I had to wait until my return from a doctor's appointment (certificat 12/19/2005
2279 10 30 days - YES Payment received: Yes (About 4,000 USD). (Will work for again: Yes) Their PO system takes a bit of getting used to, even though it's actually straightforward. A contradiction in terms almost, but it's true even so. 9/12/2006
2278 10 net 30 days - YES, always Payment received: 1 for GBP 1000+ on time, 1 small Payment of GBP 25.00 was 10 days late due to a minor confusion (monthly, various amounts ). (Will work for again: I am) - 7/18/2011
2277 10 30 days from invoice date - NO - They still owe me money, since April 2004 Payment received: Yes, always on time. (About 1.300 Euro). (Will work for again: No) They are nice, but have a caotical admnistration. They used to pay me since I moved from Spain. 5/7/2008
2276 10 60 days e.o.m. - NO, Always late, 1 to 6 month delays Payment received: YES, a bit earlier than 30 days (n/a). (Will work for again: No) They are honest and nice people, work was steady and interesting, but always seemed to have administration and cash problems. Eventually I always received all my money - after lots of reminders, though - but I stopped working with them in February 2003 because I was no longer prepared to accept their constant delays in Payments (delays of up to six months). 7/17/2009
2275 10 I don't remember exactly, but I think it was immediately upon delivery of transllation. - NO. ABOUT 5/6 MONTHS LATE, AND THANKS TO THE HELP OF FRIENDS WHO LIVE IN ITALY AND CALLED THE AGENCY AND MADE ALL NECESSARY STEPS UNTIL THEY GOT THE MONEY. Payment received: Always (Euro 700). (Will work for again: NEVER.) [Mod. note: Not rated due to age of info. Would be a 1 if rated] 6/4/2010

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